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When working with any type of machinery or on site, safety is of paramount importance to those installing or maintaining lifts. In a report conducted by the HSE on ‘Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain 2021’ there were 39 deaths within the construction industry. While the number of lift industry fatalities within this is unknown and likely to be small, there are still risks that could cause injury or be fatal. To help reduce these risks we look at the importance of toolbox talks within the lift industry as a key safety measure for lift engineers.


What are toolbox talks?
Put quite simply, toolbox talks are short (usually between 5-15 minutes) safety briefings on a specific topic within the lift industry. They can be presented as an assessment or conversation containing the most important facts and considerations on a topic. Examples of toolbox talks in the industry include: safety signs, asbestos awareness, manual handling, entering and exiting the pit area, electrical lock out, pit access ladders and so on.

Why should you do toolbox talks?
Toolbox talks are common practice in the construction industry and have become a requirement to ensure health and safety measures are continually reinforced. Regular toolbox talks should be taken by lift engineers to refresh knowledge and ensure health and safety is always at the forefront of your mind when working on site. They also help you stay up to date with any changes in regulations or technological developments etc. that might require different safety procedures. Additionally, toolbox talks can also provide information that might not necessarily be covered in other forms of training.

If you are at risk of falling into a lift pit, handle dangerous equipment and power tools, or you deal with substances that could be hazardous to your health, then toolbox talks will ensure any potential risk is significantly minimised while you work. Seen as best practice in the lift industry, and construction as a whole, toolbox talks are an essential requirement for lift engineers as part of their job.

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