Lift and escalator compliance

Whether you need assistance ensuring your lift and escalator project is compliant with regulations, or are looking to analyse performance metrics to mitigate the risk of costly breakdowns, our team of experienced experts can help.

Lift Regulations 2016 compliance

When installing a lift in a new or existing building, compliance with the Lift Regulations 2016 is mandatory. At ESS our team of lift experts have a full and clear understanding of the regulatory requirements and can assist with all aspects of ensuring they are met, from the design of equipment through to the production of a fully compliant operations and maintenance manual you can issue to your client.

Derogation from Lift Regulations

In some circumstances during a lift installation not all of the requirements under the Lift Regulations 2016 can be met. In this instance you are required to obtain a derogation or approval from a Notified Body to confirm the lift is safe to operate. Our team have extensive understanding of the conditions for derogation and are able to assist you in your application.

BREEAM certification

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method recognising excellence in environmental, social and economic performance. The BREEAM New Construction Technical Standards 2018 for passenger lifts, moving walkways and escalators in newly constructed buildings is marked on a points system.

Elevating Safety Solutions is experienced in helping businesses achieve BREEAM certification. We assess your project against BREEAM criteria to produce a detailed report on the number of credits available based on your lift package and the surrounding environment, and advise how you can achieve them.

Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis is an essential element of new lift or escalator construction, yet we find it is often overlooked, resulting in a poor experience for the customer.

As part of our traffic analysis process, we determine the anticipated round-trip time, wait time and handling capacity for your project. We will collect information, dimensions and metrics about the traffic flow in your building to evaluate your requirements and ensure your proposed lift or escalator design meets your needs.

Ride quality investigation

Ride quality monitoring ensures you know exactly how effectively your lift or escalator is performing against industry standards. We record multiple data sets during the testing process and provide detailed analysis of the results, which helps you identify areas for performance improvement.

Ride quality analysis is also a key tool in helping you monitor the status of your equipment. It can help identify where repairs are required, helping you prevent breakdowns which cause inconvenience to your client and can be costly.

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