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When lift engineers are carrying out maintenance work, they will be faced with a number of hazards. One of the major dangers is falling into the lift shaft, which could lead to a tragic fatality. Unfortunately, there have been many cases where this has happened and is reported in the press.  Lift safety is therefore pivotal when working on site. In this blog we look specifically at safe working with landing doors and how lift engineers can avoid any dangers.


Danger: Door edges opening landing doors
During maintenance work, where safety edges or sight guards have been fitted, there is a risk of unintended opening of a landing door below the floor being worked on. This is because they have the ability to catch the landing pick-up rollers if the car doors are opened mid-shaft. In this eventuality, it can trigger the landing door to open in the lift shaft and pose a serious risk that someone could fall into the well.

Preventing the danger
On any maintenance visit, lift engineers should ensure the safety edges or sight guards do not open the landing doors below by opening the car door 50mm to check for any engagement. If the car doors cannot be worked on without the risk of the landing doors opening, further action should be taken. This includes reporting the issue to the line manager, placing a landing barrier on the floor being worked on and floor below, as well as ensuring another engineer is located on the floor below.  These procedures are essential to minimise the risk of accidents.

Danger: Landing door stopping devices
Restraining a lift door isn’t necessarily dangerous, but there is still a risk of an accident if the incorrect type of stopping device is used. A landing barrier also needs to be placed around the entrance when a door blocking device is in use. In some instances, engineers have used screwdrivers wedged under hanging rollers. In this case it could self-release and drop on an engineer.

Preventing the danger
If you need to keep the lift door open then only use a company-approved door blocking device – never a screwdriver! Once in place, try pulling the door closed to ensure the door is secure and never leave the entrance unattended when it is wedged open to avoid anyone trying to use the lift.  A landing barrier will also provide added protection.

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