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Elevating Safety Solutions’ founder, lift compliance consultant, Stewart Proctor, is thrilled to have been awarded a Master of Science in Lift Engineering by the University of Northampton. Stewart gained a ‘merit’ overall having spent three and a half years studying juggling his education alongside running ESS, as well as developing a new business venture.

The final part of the master’s degree was to submit a dissertation on a specific topic. Stewart chose the subject of ‘lift fire rating’, involving him carrying out extensive research and a considerable amount of writing. In fact, it took Stewart a full year to complete his dissertation, including: 21,000 words (edited down from 24,000), 102 pages, 10 revisions, and 64 site visits!

Stewart was overjoyed on receiving his results, saying “I am so pleased, and relieved to have been awarded a merit. I dedicated a lot of time to studying and getting my dissertation finished, to the point where I hid away in my office late into the evenings to spend time on it. I think my wife is relieved that she has her husband back too!”

Asked about his inspiration for taking the degree and his choice of subject for his dissertation Stewart said, “I’ve been working in the lift industry since I was 16 and have always learnt something every day about the industry from a practical point of view as well as achieving academically.  Having completed an undergraduate degree some time ago, I wanted to further my knowledge. I chose to research lift fire rating for my dissertation because it is an important safety issue and there is a lack of knowledge about it within the industry.”

Stewart will now enjoy a well-earned break (from studying at least), spending some time relaxing with his wife over the festive period.

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