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There is never a dull moment for ESS founder, lift compliance consultant, Stewart Proctor. When he is not out and about with a client reviewing processes or attending an accident site, Stewart will be developing the business with new training options, as well as developing his own knowledge – he’s currently undergoing a master’s degree. A family man, squash player and dog lover Stewart leads a busy life both when he is and isn’t working.

In this blog we take a look at what Stewart gets up to on a typical day at ESS.


6.30am – I wake up and head downstairs to feed my two dogs Jem and Jazz. Unlike them I am not a breakfast person, I set myself up in the morning with a cup of coffee, in fact today I have three to prepare me for the day. I hop in the shower quickly and get ready for a job on the Kent coast.

7.30am – I leave the house with plenty of time to get to my client. My golden rule is to I arrive 15 minutes early. Setting the satnav, I head off.

8.45am – I arrive at my client’s office. Today I am undertaking surveillance to ensure they are working in accordance with their agreed processes and whether they conform to standards for quality and health and safety. It isn’t a quick job.

9.45am – I gather all the job folders as well as process folders to check through to ensure the projects are running in line with the business processes.

11.00am – Next, I check staff competencies including carrying out interviews with a number of personnel on site. I am particularly interested in getting their input in practises, how they work, or whether they don’t.  It is great opportunity for staff to give their honest feedback so any issues can be addressed and fed back to the management team.  In one case a member of staff discusses an element of their job they would prefer to do differently.  I make a note to raise this as a request to change the process with management.

12.30 – I have a working lunch with my client.  We sit and chat over sandwiches (mine is prawn mayonnaise), crisps and yet another coffee. Towards the end of lunch, I quickly respond to a text from my son Matt, who wanted my opinion on a university matter. It’s always nice to hear from him and be kept up to date with his life at Uni.

1.30pm – Reenergised, I have a meeting with management to discuss improvements for training and suggest a more rigid programme for the company to carry out toolbox talks.

2.30pm – I do some paperwork and write up my review which includes company targets. While doing this my phone rings from a client about a serious lift accident. He gives me a heads up that I will need to speak to all stakeholders and be on standby to go on site to do further investigations including methodology for removing the lift, root cause of the accident and so on.

3.30pm – Finished for the day, I drive home to work on the ninth draft of my dissertation on lift fire rating for my master’s degree.

4.30pm – Greeted by the dogs, I make a fuss of them. Tonight, I’d usually be playing squash, but I’ve had to cancel so that I could focus on final changes to my work and, I lock myself away in the home office.

As advised by my mentor I use ‘Read Aloud’ on Word to hear my dissertation read back to me. I notice a number of errors which I correct before finally submitting with a sigh of relief.

9.00pm – My order of a meat feast and vegetarian pizza arrives for me and my wife Tina to enjoy while we watch the second half of England vs Germany in the nations league.

11pm – Time to get some shut-eye. It’s been a long day.

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